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Age is not a diagnosis, so it’s only beneficial to confront functional challenges with physical therapy intervention. Engage Ageless Thinking by consciously rejecting all negative expectations you may have of aging.

Consciously invest in lifelong functional independence. Activate Resilienceby embracing adaptive strategies to overcome challenges – regardless of age.

They most often receive resources, tools and support to cope with disabilities.

Enter flirty chat rooms, talk online with fun-loving flirts who are eager to find mates for dating adventures.Endurance activities bathe your brain in oxygenated blood which means that they are also closely linked to brain health! Walk, swim, dance, or even do seated exercises that elevate your heart rate – toe touches, heel presses, knee lifts, low kicks, marching in place – all with arm swings.Several simple downloadable movement programs are available on my website.Consider how many deposits you regularly make into each dimension (spoke), and then draw your Wellness Wheel.Are some “spokes” large (carrying most of the load) while others barely exist? It takes conscious effort to balance wellness assets across the body, mind and spirit. Make a plan, balance your assets, and make regular deposits into lifelong vitality.

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If you’re facing a challenge, take age out of the equation, embrace adaptive strategies, and insist on pursuing the fullest recovery possible.