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Video chat utah

Being helpful and kind online is the best way to keep the Internet safe and fun for everybody.

This video helps young children understand why it’s important to treat others how they want to be treated, even when they’re online.

Newly-released footage from a Utah police officer's body camera shows University Hospital nurse, Alex Wubbels, screaming as she was forcefully arrested for refusing to illegally draw blood from an unconscious patient.

Related: Pregnant Woman Killed By Seattle Police Shot 7 Times In the beginning of the video, Wubbels is seen calmly explaining that the car accident victim was required to give consent for a blood sample, be under arrest, or there needed to be a warrant.

This video gives kids a simple, sensible rule for deciding how to choose online friends: stick with the friends you know in the real world to stay safe and keep things fun.

Kids need to know what to do if something on the Internet makes them feel uncomfortable.

How should Joe deal with Lamer Bill’s threatening emails, texts and web posts?Staying safe includes knowing what to do when you feel uncomfortable, sad or scared.This video helps young children understand they should tell a trusted adult if something on the Internet makes them feel bad.Posting a picture takes only a second but it lasts a lifetime with social media. Yet driving while distracted by mobile phone conversations or texts is like putting on a virtual blindfold.This video invites teens to consider the consequences of sharing inappropriate photos that can be copied, altered and viewed by future employers. This video explains why drivers should curb mobile devices.

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This video reveals how a predator collects personal information, builds trust and coaxes a teen into meeting offline.