True life interracial dating

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" With my having said those words, referring to the issue in such an explicit manner, she visibly relaxed. There is also something so raunchy about coming home from work to my hot wife and performing clean up duty on your delicious pussy following your afternoon trysts. So, yeah, I love the way you taste after you've been fucked full of cum. And of course, I know the condoms weren't faulty when the kids were conceived.

It was as if a heavy weight had been lifted from her, or some invisible shackles had been released, freeing her. We have four kids and I've never fucked you barebacked.

As I lowered myself to the softness of the plush cerulean carpet of our livingroom, I reached out to caress her face. " Crystal asked with a small smile, the fear in her eyes lessening in response to my lack of an expression of anger. Over the years I'd heard Crystal called a nigger slut, black bitch, nigger cunt, whore, and various other racial terms. I didn't even suspect that you could have such desires when we were dating. Sanders, our forty year old, blond haired next door neighbor. Sanders was married to our mother's best friend and was the father of my best friend. Every black cunt should be filled with a white man's cock and cum. My first sexual fantasies were of sex with white boys. Sanders was just kinkier and more explicit than what I envisioned.We shoot the pictures and video ourselves which means it's unique.We think you'll find our orgasm erotica rather special.She was watching herself whorishly riding a white man's cock, and with us talking about her love of white cock she had become extremely aroused. And being able to say that to you is even better." Crystal turned up the volume on the television. Show me how much you want my white cock in your nigger cunt," the man growled. I'm nothing but a hot black piece of ass, born to be used for the pleasure of white men," Crystal moaned heatedly, undulating obscenely beneath the man. Then I blinked and smiled at how she had shifted the focus to me. I'll ask you one and then you can ask me one." Crystal laughed. I always get off on knowing you are getting sloppy seconds after some white stud has fucked a big load of spunk into my womb. Do you like knowing you're eating my cunt after other men have fucked me? " I saw a glimmer of nervousness resurface, but I reached out to gently and lovingly caress her cheek. I love seeing the whorish way you fuck when you're riding a white dick."If you're going to ask, ask me the right way." I immediately knew what she wanted so I did as she asked. Not much, but loud enough that we could both hear what was being said. His thrusts were vicious, slamming his cock into her depths. And you love fucking white men behind your husband's back don't you? It's so hot, having you eat the potent cum of my white lovers from my freshly fucked snatch then rolling a condom down over the length of your prick to make sure you don't get me pregnant and fucking you while thinking of how I never take any precautions to stop myself from being impregnated by any of the white cocks that fuck me. You let me keep fucking white guys and feeding you my cummy pussy afterwards for years and didn't say anything. I love seeing you cum on their cocks and I love seeing them cum inside you.

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Being black, it is probably expected that I would have felt it to be offensive. Seeing her beautiful face and hearing her say those words before turning to suck a white cock was one of the hottest things I'd ever seen.

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