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If you are aware of an interesting new academic paper (that has been published in a peer-reviewed journal or has appeared on the ar Xiv), a conference talk (at an official professional scientific meeting), an external blog post (by a professional scientist) or a news item (in the mainstream news media), which you think might make an interesting topic for an FQXi blog post, then please contact us at [email protected] a link to the original source and a sentence about why you think that the work is worthy of discussion. Why didn't you put more effort into making it readable?Please note that we receive many such suggestions and while we endeavour to respond to them, we may not be able to reply to all suggestions. 78, 115(1938)]-Kac[“The Mathematics of Statistical-Reasoning” (1955)]-Raimi[Sci. Dear Herr Professor Fraude, Fantastic biography, abstract and essay (literally).Tags: american modernist poetry, classic chinese poetry, francis carco, jeanne mcgahey, kenneth rexroth, lawrence hart, li qingzhao, louise bogan, post-war american poetry, san francisco renaissance, su tung p'o, sung dynasty, translation, william carlos williams Added to Poetry Center Digital Archive on May 9, 2011.We gebruiken cookies om inhoud en advertenties relevanter te maken en je een veiligere ervaring te bieden.Having attempted to read very many of the essay entries I wonder whether FQXi shouldn't have an illustration contest, in which competitors must compact their answer to the question into a one page illustration perhaps with an additional page for notes and references. Hello Edward (Herr Doctor Fraude), This is certainly a wonderful parody of a scientific paper, with all the bells and whistles - whoo hoo! From here it is seen that in the contest are special rules for ratings.

Some genuine work may be all superficial "complicatedness" but is hollow as beneath the highly complicated description there is no realistic substance.

Thomas Ray: "(reposted in correct thread) Lorraine, Nah. NEGATIVE LUCIDITY INVERSION THERAPY (NLIT) might be required.

That's nothing like my view...." in 2015 in Review: New... At the workshop..." in Physics of the Observer -... I just tried to put a simple model of an observer in the..." in Alternative Models of... If a certain level of decorum was not expected on this forum I would call it balderdash but as it is- well done.

Joe Fisher: "It seems to have escaped Wolpert’s somewhat limited attention that no two..." in Inferring the Limits on... : “Known Unknowns Versus Unknown Unknowns”: It’s a Jack-in-the-Box Universe: Ten-Digits; Log-Law Scale-Invariance; Utter-Simplicity: “Complexity” Versus “Complicatedness”; Zipf’s-Law/ Hyperbolicity/ Inevitability (Archimedes); Bose- --{Bernoulli-Newcomb[Am. There may be some additional cleverness in it that I could not, without further study, appreciate.

I am open to any argument but this seems like word salad.

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Please also note that we do not accept unsolicited posts and we cannot review, or open new threads for, unsolicited articles or papers. I was overwhelmed by the quasi prodigious profundity of your essay.

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