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‘They’re so close and Bobby is just so upset about losing Beau and Gemma decided to come back to the show to support him.’ A show insider confirmed to uk that Gemma is filming a cameo.Last week Bobby said on Twitter that he was ‘absolutely heartbroken’ at Beau’s death.Chloe then offers Arg some sage advice, urging him to visit Gemma and clear the air.Arg and Gemma finally come face to face in her shop with an icy Arg telling the bubbly blonde that he has distanced himself from her.Can you remember what life was like before October 2010?

Also in the episode Chloe Sims and Gemma share their fears about being alone in the future and once again the emotion is too much to bear for Chloe.An enraged Arg, 29, is still seething over Gemma's very public confession about sleeping with him, declaring to the lads that he has no interest in rekindling their relationship.Explosive: After a year away from Essex, James 'Arg' Argent finds himself at the centre of the drama as he makes an explosive return and confronts an emotional Gemma Collins on the latest episode of TOWIEAn anxious Gemma, 36, is then seen pouring her heart out to Chloe Sims, 34 as she admits how concerned she is about Arg's return.There’s no such thing as dangerous dogs, just dangerous owners.’ Gemma made a brief cameo on TOWIE in March to chat to Bobby about his new man Chris.She had a stint on I’m A Celebrity at the end of 2015 but ended up quitting when the stress of being in the jungle became too much.

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In recent weeks, the reality star confessed she apologised to her co-star for trying to 'trap' him into having a baby with her. We met in Marbella and I said, "Arg, can we talk over paella for two?