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She made a habit of Wedge life for several years, bartending at night and sleeping and swimming at the Wedge by day.

“In my twenties, I was spending as much time as possible there.

He raises his megaphone and announces to the surfers, boogie boarders, and skim boarders that it’s . A few minutes later: “Once again, the blackball flag has been up for 25 minutes… Starting now, the waves belong to them – the bodysurfers.The beach fills up with more people, including photographers and a TV news cameraman, who have come to watch the show at “the Wedge,” the name of this surf spot at the end of the Balboa peninsula.Bordered by a jetty that separates the Pacific on one side from the Newport Harbor entrance channel, the Wedge is also the name of this surfing venue’s signature wave – famous for shooting higher, harder and more abruptly than the peaks at almost all other surf spots in California. What sets big-wave body surfers apart from other oceanic athletes isn’t simply danger, but rather the insistence on riding waves the hard way, that is, by dint of their own might and grit.Jencks bought his home a few miles away in Costa Mesa just so he could have access to the Wedge every summer.Over the years he’s suffered numerous injuries, including a head-on collision while zipping along in fast-moving surf, but nothing has gotten in the way of his annual pilgrimage. Talk to anyone on the beach and you’ll hear similar stories: The teacher who chose his profession in order to have summers off for the Wedge.

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The guys who made the Wedge their careers, working night jobs for twenty years in order to have their days free to body surf.

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