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In 2011, Lilley played various characters on MTV's Disaster Date, alongside Lauren Zima, Jason Karasev, Cale Hartmann, Hasan Minhaj, Russell Pitts, and Kara Luiz.

She also appeared as Monie in the i Carly TV movie, "i Party with Victorious".

While in Georgia, She hosted and sang in a benefit concert with SOWEGA Art Performance to raise funds for ONEless Ministries on Saturday, June 28.

I have the privilege - and the joy - of proclaiming the Bible readings for daily Mass to tens of thousands around the world.

Again we sometimes call a thing good because it possesses completely, or in a high degree, the perfections proper to its nature, as a good painting, good respiration.

Now in all these locutions the word conveys directly or indirectly the idea of desirability.I daily pray for God to help me be a peacekeeper and help me through my scenes; my character is so evil that it's just unlike me. When the time comes, I'm going to use it as an opportunity to show the importance of abstinence, which I fully believe in.[...] I don't understand how my friends can do things in this industry without faith.We call a tool or instrument good, if it serves the purpose for which it is intended.That is to say, it is good because it is an efficient means to obtain a desired result.

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In 2012, she hosted the Childhelp Wings Fashion Show in Washington D. In 2013, she joined the board of the Innocent Justice Foundation, a charity that leverages high technology solutions to help rescue millions of American children who are being sexually abused and prevent future abuse.

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