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The film shifts back to Iraq, where two Polish UOP agents, Edward Broński (Bogusław Linda) and Stanisław Kosiński (Olaf Lubaszenko), are inquiring on the whereabouts of Pierce and Mayer’s son.

The film opens with retired Major Józef Mayer (Marek Kondrat) in a doctor’s office in Warsaw.Hayes says that if the extraction is successful, Poland’s foreign debts to the United States would be decreased dramatically.Hayes stresses that his agents must be evacuated out of Iraq, because they hold sensitive materials viable for war.At another border checkpoint into Turkey, Broński assists Mayer, his son, Pierce and Faisal get across.Once they cross the border, Pierce is shot and killed by an Iraqi colonel and his troops.

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Mayer is a former agent of the Polish Office for State Protection (UOP), the main Polish intelligence agency.