Natalie alyn lind dating website

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Natalie alyn lind dating website

Louis because her stepfather Ralph had molested her, and her mother refused to believe it. The format changed to Jabot where a boutique opened which was run by the kids.Senior year began, and a holiday series of the Glo by Jabot website added J. Billy's niece, Colleen, was falling into drugs and hanging with the wrong kids in New York City, so she was banished to her grandfather John's in Genoa City.Billy and Brittany were supposed to be a shoe-in for king and queen of the junior prom, but when the votes were counted, Billy and Mac were crowned instead.Only then, when they danced together at the prom, did they realize how much they cared about each other.Goes by Billy Abbott Jim (nickname by Victoria, referring to Jim Anderson of 'Father Knows Best') Sonny Crawford (online alias) Liam (surfer alias with Amber in L. and with Chelsea in Myanmar) "Billy-Boy" (nickname by Victor) Liam Cranner (alias) Former executive at Brash & Sassy while solely owned by Victoria Former Co-CEO of Chancellor Brash & Sassy division with Cane and Victoria Former owner of Brash & Sassy Fired from unnamed position with Jabot Cosmetics Former vice president of research and development at Jabot Cosmetics Former vice president of research and development at Newman-Abbott Former vice president of marketing at Jabot Cosmetics Jabot board member Temporarily headed Jabot Face of Fashion in Neil's absence Former head of research and development at Jabot Cosmetics Former owner of On the Boulevard restaurant Director of "The Delia Project" Briefly executive at Jabot Cosmetics Briefly Co-CEO of Newman Enterprises Briefly worked for Jack as an executive at Newman Enterprises Former owner/editor of Restless Style magazine/webzine/TV gossip show Former Co-CEO of Jabot Cosmetics Former CEO of Jabot Cosmetics Former Jabot director of Marketing Former NVP/Jabot liaison for House of Kim, Hong Kong Former business major at Genoa City University Worked part-time in the mail room at Jabot Cosmetics Former bartender at Sammy Seagull's Sandpit Bar & Grill in Miami Worked with hurricane Katrina reconstruction in New Orleans Attended one semester at Genoa City University while working part-time at the Glo By Jabot Boutique Spent the summer after high school as a volunteer building houses for the poor in Louisiana Graduate of Walnut Grove Academy Former "Glo By Jabot Kid" for Jabot Cosmetics Attended boarding school in New York City Mackenzie Browning [Married: Jun 23, 2003; annulled: Jun 24, 2003] Chloe Mitchell [Married: Apr 3, 2009; divorced: Nov 9, 2009] Victoria Newman [Married: May 14, 2010-invalid] [Married: May 14, 2010; invalid; married: Sep 9, 2010; divorced Nov 28, 2011; remarried: Dec 24, 2011 (televised Dec 26); divorced Sept 9, 2014] Jill Foster (mother) John Abbott (father, deceased) Paternal grandmother, name unknown) Robert Abbott (paternal grandfather, deceased) Elizabeth Foster (grandmother, via his mother's adoption; deceased) William Foster (grandfather, via his mother's adoption; deceased) Unknown name (biological grandmother) Neil Fenmore (biological grandfather; deceased) Jack Abbott (paternal half-brother) Ashley Abbott (thinks she is his half-sister, but not John's daughter) Traci Abbott (paternal half-sister) Phillip Chancellor III (maternal half-brother) Lauren Fenmore (maternal aunt) Greg Foster (uncle; via his mother's adoption) William Snapper Foster (uncle, via his mother's adoption) Fenmore Baldwin (maternal cousin) Scott Grainger Jr.(maternal cousin) Jennifer Elizabeth Foster (cousin, via his mother's adoption) Pierre Charles Roulland (cousin, via his mother's adoption) Keemo Volien Abbott (nephew) Kyle Jenkins Abbott (nephew) Colleen Cecile Carlton (niece; deceased) Abby Newman (thinks she is his niece) Phillip Chance Chancellor IV (nephew) Cordelia Katherine Valentine Abbott (daughter born Feb 14, 2009; with Chloe; deceased Oct 14, 2013) Miscarriage (with Victoria, Oct 2010) Lucy Carter (illegally adopted daughter born Jan 3, 2011; child of Daisy Carter and Daniel Romalotti, adoption was reversed) John "Johnny" Abbott (with Chelsea; born Apr 9, 2012; adopted by Victoria) Katherine "Katie" Rose Abbott Newman (with Victoria; born Nov 17, 2014) Sandy Bernard (kindergarten crush, kissed) Brittany Hodges (lovers) Mackenzie Browning Several flings and affairs while working in Hong Kong Chloe Mitchell (lovers) Amber Moore (lovers) Lily Winters Sharon Abbott (lovers) Heather Stevens (lovers) Victoria Newman (lovers) Chelsea Lawson (one night stand, 2011) Kelly Andrews (one night stand) Chelsea Lawson (lovers, 2014, 2015, engagement broken) Phyllis Abbott (lovers, 2016) Bethany Bryant (lovers, 2016) Phyllis Summers (lovers, 2017) Underage drinking; charges were dropped Stole and pawned an antique scrimshaw from the Chancellor estate - Kay agreed not to press charges when the Abbotts shipped him off to Hong Kong instead Jailed for not revealing a journalism source Bought black-market baby, adoption was reversed, no charges filed to date Arrested for solicitation Arrested and imprisoned in Myanmar for illegal drug trafficking; he was setup, got released by Victor Accused of rape in Myanmar by Chelsea Lawson; she drugged him, and took advantage of him Shot Adam Newman during a struggle over his own gun; Adam later exonerated him by claiming it was not intentional Arrested for drunk-driving [Dec 2015] Became an alcoholic as a teenager Drank until passed out in the snow, hospitalized and went into cardiac arrest (2000) Hospitalized after wrecking his car drunk in reaction to losing both Lucy and Delia (2011) Bone marrow transplant donated to save Delia [2011] Injured in a car crash; concussion [Jan 2014] Reinjured when chandelier fell on his head and kicked in the ribs; broken ribs [Feb 2014] Spinal injuries, trauma to his skull; surgery left him in a coma [Dec 2015] Shortly after her second marriage to John Abbot, Jill wanted to have a baby, though John felt that he was too old.

As a result, the two of them broke up but stayed friends.

Unfortunately Jill noticed, much to her horror, that her son could be smitten with Katherine Chancellor's granddaughter.

Billy showed up later at the Chancellor estate, where he and Mac told each other how they felt about each other and kissed.

Jill began threatening to find runaway Mac's mother if she became involved with Billy.

So Mac and Billy began meeting in secret in the Abbott children's old playhouse. Billy, Brittany, Raul, and Rianna were chosen as the Glo by Jabot Kids as a promotion for the new Jabot teen line.

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Although Billy did his best to be a jerk to turn Mac away "for her own good," they eventually reconciled and became a couple again.

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