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Common gastrointestinal manifestations include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pains or cramps, and diarrhea.

Although symptoms vary between acute allergy patients, onset generally occurs seconds to minutes after exposure to an allergen and requires prompt treatment.

[0003] The true incidence of acute allergic reactions is unknown, partly because of the lack of a precise definition of the syndrome.

Some clinicians reserve the term anaphylaxis for the full-blown syndrome, while others use it to describe milder cases.

In still further embodiments, the injectable is about Im L.Where breathing issues or airway constriction is an issue, epinephrine should remain the first- line drug.The first generation antihistamines (intramuscular hydroxyzine and injectable diphenhydramine) are used as the second-line drug to be given to a patient having an acute allergic reaction as an adjunct therapy to epinephrine for the relief of peripheral symptoms such as pruritus, engioedema, urticaria (hives), erythema, wheezing, etc.More than 100 deaths per year are reported in the United States due to antibiotic induced allergies.Fewer than 100 fatal reactions to Hymenoptera stings are reported each year in the United States, but this is considered to be an underestimate.

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[0007] In cases where airway constriction or other breathing and respiratory issues are not a concern, or where they are being controlled, better treatments are still needed.