Irish dating men women

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Irish dating men women

The classical Japanese beauty still seems to be the most popular: long black hair with a porcelain white skin.When I first came to Japan I was really shocked to see that almost everybody was avoiding the sun, especially the women. I got the shock of my life when I bought my first facial cream in Japan. A lot of Japanese women try everything to keep their skin as pale as possible.

What I find even more stupefying is the fact that apparently some Japanese men WANT a “baka onna” – a stupid woman.At least that could be one thing Japanese guys are afraid of.Luckily not every guy’s taste is the same, so no need to freak out.However, a lot of Japanese would love to look like a (Western) foreigner. ), want to be taller, want to have a different hair or eye color.As a foreigner you do stick out, because your looks are different.

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In Germany we try to get out as soon as summer comes to get a tan, comparing who got darker afterwards. The sun in Japan is very aggressive and you have to be careful.