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An older, historical type of balance is the screw balance.This was first used in the form of the compensating balance which is split at two points to compensate the temperature error; it has a bi-metal construction.The balance is normally made from an alloy called "glucydur". This material considerably reduces the influence of temperature.The residual temperature error is compensated by the Nivarox spring.Decorative processing of edge contours, particularly on the bridges and cocks of a high quality movement.During angling, a decorative bevelled edge is created (the edge is ‘angled’). The amplitude is the maximum angle of rotation of the balance between the point of equilibrium and one of the reversal points of the oscillation.The average amplitude values of most watch movements made today are between 250° and 300°. DIAPAL Technology deals with this problem at the root, by dispensing with the need for oil altogether.

At Sinn, we offer additional magnetic field protection in some watches.To compensate for the softening and lengthening of the balance spring as the temperature rose, the inertia of the balance was made obversely dependent upon the temperature.The bi-metallic effect caused the two balance wings to bend inwards when the temperature increased.The splitting of the light mentioned above then takes place both on the surface of the glass and also on the surface of the thin anti-reflective layer.The light reflected from this layer overlaps with that from the glass itself.

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A very thin coating of a suitable translucent material is used to make glass anti-reflective.

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