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Are shailene and daren dating in real life

In 2013, Shailene Woodley signed a contract to participate in the adaptation of John Green «The Fault in Our Stars».Even before the casting, the actress wrote an e-mail to the author of the novel: «I am obsessed with you and your book, and I will do anything to become a part of it». In the same year, Woodley received the offer of eminent Neil Berger to play the role of «choosen» Beatrice (Tris) Pryor in the adaptation of the franchise of Veronica Roth «Divergent».And only in 2011, when the show was closed after season 5, the actress agreed to the proposal to star in a tragicomedy «The Descendants».The role of Alexandra King finally brought Shailene such a long-awaited victory of the «Independent Spirit» awards, MTV Movie Awards, the Society of Film Critics in Denver awards.This philosophical analysis of his life helped Woodley decide on the future. While studying in high school she became an ardent defender of the environment: «If we want to continue to live on this planet, we must protect the Earth and save it. She began her career as a little model: she was at the camera for the first time at the age of 5.At the age of 8, Woodley first appeared on the set, having played an episodic role in the film «Replacing Dad».Woodley was also noted at the Cannes Film Festival, but in the nomination for the Golden Globe, she was surpassed by Octavia Spencer.The director of the «The Descendants» Alexander Payne discovered the world of classical cinema for Shailene.

When the girl was 15 years old, her parents divorced.

Then there were small parts in the TV series «The District», «Crossing Jordan», «Without a trace», «The O.

C.», «Everybody Loves Raymond», «Jack & Bobby», «A Place Called Home».

This has caused a great deal of distress for her and for Tenni.

Prior to this event, she was an exemplary teenager and never rebelled and did not create problems for parents. Shortly before this, Shailene had problems with the spine, doctors diagnosed «scoliosis».

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There was no operation, but the girl had to wear a plastic corset for 18 months.