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Adult dating cheviot ohio

My name is Shannon and I am a loving, caring Nanny.

I cooked, cleaned, took them to doctor appointments, strolls to the park, picked them up from school, put them to bed, cared for them while they were sick, etc. I love creating bonds with all the children I care for.

My 19-year-old daughter and I are now watching children out of our Deer Park home.

She will be going off to college in a year or two for early childhood education! I have been babysitting since I was in 7th grade for families with 2-4 children, ages ranging from infant to pre-teen.

We go over math, science, shapes, colors, reading and much more, everyday.

I also make sure that we play outside and stay off of electronics as much as possible.

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I have also pet sat dogs, cats and caged animals such as birds, reptiles, hamsters, etc. I've changed diapers/clothes, fed them a bottle/baby food, played with, sang to, rocked to sleep, I've pretty much done everything. I just finished with a wonderful family in Wyoming on Monday-Thursday, unfortunately they returned to France so I am available most times now including some days, nights and weekends.

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